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Crossfit Nomad is a world-class CrossFit facility located in Madison, AL

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Upcoming Events

Order Nomad Gear until 2/25/15
Feb 8 – Feb 25 all-day

Attention Nomads!!! We’ve got some SWAG for you!! This site will be up until February 25!! Simply place your order ($5.00 shipping plus tax). Once the site closes on 2/25/15, they will ship all the orders to CF Nomad and will be individually wrapped with your order! Even though you have until 2/25, dont wait!!

Gymnastics Clinic
Feb 15 @ 10:00 pm – 11:00 pm

leslie pull upThe more perfect your gymnastics and body weight movements, the more efficiently you move. This can translate into better lifting form, improved range of motion, and less injury. One movement at a time will be broken down, explained, and with specific progressions given. 

The movements we will focus on in the upcoming clinic will be bar work (pull-ups, kipping and butterfly, toes to bar, knees to elbows and bar muscle-ups), hand stands (HSPU, holds, and handstand walks) and rope climbing.  For the more advanced athletes there will also be help for ring muscle ups.  Another clinic will be strictly devoted to the muscle up and ring work-coming soon! Below are just a few of the objectives for the clinics:
  • Do a headstand on the floor.
  • Do a handstand at the wall.
  • Do free standing handstands
  • Begin doing Handstand Push Ups correctly.
  • Begin doing Handstand Walks -Coordinate your body and move your body in free space i.e. body awareness.
  • Develop strength and conditioning for Handstands and Handstand Push Ups.
  • Do specific drills to improve your Handstand and Hand Stand Push Ups
  • Learn how to make your Handstand Push Ups more efficient.
  • Kipping Handstand Push Ups.
  • Deficit Handstand Push Ups.
  • Strength and Conditioning drills to continue to develop body awareness and strength in the pull ups and handstands
  • Understanding and using the hollow body and arch position. 
  • Create a more efficient Kip Swing.
  • Understanding hip extension
  • Use less energy to get up to the rings/bar before transitioning.
  • Climbing the rope using different type grips
  • Hand care and protection
  • Improving shoulder mobility 
The gymnastics clinics will be led by Coach EB and will be open to all members and visitors.   Priority will be given to nomad members.  Clinic cost will be $30.00 and will be limited to about 15 participants. The first clinic will be on February 15th from 4-6 PM at Crossfit Nomad.  Please email [email protected] to sign up. Sign up deadline is Friday February 13th.

Workout of the Day

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    Abs Open Flex

    DELOAD WEEK FOR WENDLERS Mon, May 4 Part I BACK SQUAT Warm Up Spend extra time on mobility/foam rolling this week – 5 to 7 minutes Work Sets 40% x 5 – 50% x 5 – 60% x 5 Part II “Marathon Monday” 2 Rounds for Time 400 Meter Run 26 Hand Release Push Ups […]

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